Bi-Level Stairwell Lighting

The Benefits of Occu-Smart Bi-Level Lighting

Back in the late nineties we had an idea; we wanted to have a light fixture that could dimly light building areas that were rarely used but would provide full light when that area was occupied, thus lowering building operating costs while maintaining safety. By 1999 our idea had become a reality, and we launched occu-smart® Technology Enhanced Lighting, the first motion sensor-controlled bi-level lighting fixture.

Occu-smart® fixtures utilize a proprietary ultrasonic motion sensor coupled with a bi-level lighting system offering standby light levels as low as 10% and standby wattage as low as 4 watts during unoccupied times.  Immediately upon occupancy detection, the lights are brought up to full brightness for safety and security.

Occu-smart LED units offer:

1)     An exclusive multi-level driver offering the choice of occupied state light levels to minimize electrical use while offering the proper light levels for safety and code compliance.

2)     Low standby light levels can also be optimized by our unique adjustment within the fixture.

These two very important features are not available on any other product on the market today, which is why nearly 400,000 occu-smart products have already been installed, and more going up every day.

Next month’s blog will feature a discussion on what features you should look for in bi-level lighting and we’ll compare ultrasonic sensing to infrared sensing.

Please be sure to check back to learn more about how LaMar helps you light the way.

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