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VOL Gen4 Bi-Level Series LED Lights w/Bluetooth

Voyager Bi-Level Motion Sensor Luminaire w/Bluetooth

The VOL Gen4 is an attractive LED bi-level luminaire featuring Bluetooth® technology. Field adjustable output power when in normal mode and field adjustable standby dim levels as well as time delay settings. No need to open the fixture – It’s as easy as downloading a free iOS or Android companion app.

Manual dim settings and time delay can also be set via the dipswitches and trimpots on the front of the unit.  Dim settings of 10, 25 or 50% of full output are available and time delay settings of 1, 5 or 20 minutes can be set without the companion app.

Ideal for stairwells and other spaces with low occupancy. Available in lengths of  2’and 4′ and are equipped with die-formed end caps and formed steel housing and gear tray which can be removed for servicing without tools.

The frosted impact resistant Acrylic diffuser boasts up to 94% transmittance while shielding the source comfortably and effectively.

Consuming as little as 3W in “standby-mode” the VOL Gen4 is the next Generation energy saving option in Lamar Lightings ever-growing Occu-smart line.

  • Custom Tuning available for Specific Lumen Requirements
  • Emergency Battery Backup available
  • Optional Emergency Shunt Relay (ESR)
  • Choice of CCT’s 3000K through 5000K
  • 3 Standby options – 10/25/50% of full light output (field adjustable via dipswitch)
  • “Almost Unlimited” standby options available through companion app
  • “Almost Unlimited” Normal Power options available through companion app
  • Adjustable Sensitivity and Time Delay (manual or via companion app)
  • Built-in 5 minute walk-test mode
  • Optional Casambi® Bluetooth Mesh option for fixture to fixture communication
  • Universal Voltage 120-277V std.
  • Made in the USA – Meets the Buy America Act (ARRA)
  • UL Certified, Union made


Photometric Files: Consult factory for reports not shown or listed

PDF Report FileSize/Power LevelLumens/WattsIES File
VOL24AFA50-L2’/Low1495 Lu/13WVOL24AFA50-L
VOL24AFA50-M2’/Med2060 Lu/19WVOL24AFA50-M
VOL24AFA50-H2’/High2592 Lu/25WVOL24AFA50-H
VOL48AFA50-L4’/Low2990 Lu/24WVOL48AFA50-L
VOL48AFA50-M4’/Med4119 Lu/36WVOL48AFA50-M
VOL48AFA50-H4’/High5176 Lu/50WVOL48AFA50-H
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