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The Enlighted system is the simplest and the most advanced way to manage a building’s physical environment. Patented technology automates, analyzes, controls and reports environmental data and empowers you to lower energy costs, maximize space and increase the productivity and well-being of occupants.

At the heart of Enlighted’s IoT solution sits is the patented, software-defined smart sensor that monitors real-time occupancy, light levels, temperatures, and energy usage, among other things. Only Enlighted’s sensors can distinguish between people and objects, customize controls for specific tasks, leverage ambient light and much more.

Enlighted sensors are deployed with LED lighting fixtures, one sensor per light, with a typical coverage area of 100 square feet. This makes the data collected very granular and rich. And because the sensors are attached to the lighting, they are ubiquitous throughout a building.

All of the sensors are interconnected with an industry-leading, scalable wireless network; sensors communicate with one another or with Enlighted’s Cloud infrastructure, via a secure and robust wireless connection

Energy Savings

  • Task tuning and high-end trimming
  • Daylight harvesting Occupancy/vacancy detection
  • Auto and advanced demand response programs
  • Time-of-day dimming schedule
  • Real-time energy savings report

Enlighted Digital Sensors

  • Highly advanced digital sensors that are intelligent, flexible, compliant
  • One sensor per light for the most optimal energy efficiency
  • 4 sensors in one: temperature, light, IR, and power
  • 3 digital signal processors create unique profiles
  • Most advanced wireless sensor network

How it works:

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