Lamar LED


Lamar LED products are typically offered in 3 standard lumen packages - Low, Med and High to make ordering simple.

Bi-Level Stairwell Lighting

Occu-Smart Motion Sensor Controlled LED

As energy consumption continues to be a growing concern, more and more business and building owners are discovering that Occu-Smart® motion sensor controlled lighting is the most cost effective and energy efficient solution on the market.​

Power over Ethernet (PoE) Lighting

PoE/Low Voltage +24VDC

Lamar Lighting can incorporate low-voltage controls or modules directly into our lighting fixtures that will integrate with today’s latest PoE technologies that utilize low voltage sources and wiring and plug directly into the fixture module typically via RJ-45 type connector or simply connecting 2 fixture wires to a control system. Note: Not all fixtures utilize RJ-45 connections – the RJ-45 symbol used here is merely to indicate low-voltage products.

Lighting Sensor


Lamar Lighting offers a multitude of sensor/control options for most fixtures. Integrated solutions to meet any need from a variety of industry standard suppliers.

Legacy Fluorescent

We manufacture a full line of fluorescent products in energy savings T5 and T8 as well as Compact Fluorescent and Biax.


High quality LED luminaires

LRKT Retrofit Kit

Our LRKT Retrofit Kit can be installed in minutes! (Available in multiple sizes) ...


Driving technology for leading brands

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